A premier Network of financial services companies with an integrated approach to providing value added products and services to private clients, corporate and institutional investors.

A dedicated focus on emerging markets with over 30 years experience in Latin America in structured fixed income, asset backed lending, private placements, asset management, investment management and investment advisory that makes the difference for our clients from institutions to high net worth individuals.

Management in these companies has worked together for decades to form long standing relationships with top level executives and important investors in select market sectors around Latin America and the emerging markets. Not only has this enabled these LW companies to acquire extensive experience originating and structuring deals in these sectors but it has been instrumental in expanding the scope to offer services to the most underserved segments of the capital markets representing middle market companies in the region with solid credit fundamentals.

The asset management capabilities of the Network include a proprietary family of funds that invests mainly in fixed income and short term structured lending opportunities that leverage the strengths of the group and includes special opportunities funds and a fund of funds.

The short duration fund was created to take advantage of the gap in services offered to middle market companies in the region and provide access to the Network's structured products for all the Network's institutional and private clients. A fixed income opportunities fund also allows us to capitalize on corporate and sovereign debt that has a longer duration and can capture alpha on the long end of the curve. Finally, a fund of funds allows the Netwrork's members to offer exposure to the full range of products that reflect the strengths of the Network. These core strengths are complemented by brokerage services that cater to the needs of the affiliated companies of lwPartners to provide capital raising and distribution capabilities as well as provide transactional support, expertise and trading for the asset management and corporate finance divisions.

The Network companies have management teams of well respected professionals providing specialized capital and investment services to a wide range of institutions and individuals looking to diversify their holdings with corporate finance and asset management strategies with a low correlation to traditional asset classes. An opportunity exists to capitalize on these concepts. Contact the Network Companies to find out how we make this happen for the Network's clients.


An investment adviser based in the US that provides investment advisory services to private investment companies that are part of the LW Funds family. LWIM USA also provides investment advisory services to individuals, banks, investment companies and other corporations, institutions and business entities.

LW Asesores de Inversiones

An investment adviser based in Panama with a proprietary family of Alternative Investment Funds and managed accounts that focuses on HNW Individuals in Latin America. The flagship fund is the LW Latin America Short Duration Fund which provides asset backed lending to small and middle-market companies in Latin America.

LW Casa de Valores

A Panama based broker-dealer serving various sales and trading functions of lwPartners' member companies. Products cater to the specific needs of institutional, corporate and individual wealth management clients. Also active as a boutique emerging markets investment firm that originates, structures and distributes transactions ranging from capital markets issues to structured products and private placements. LWCDV provides corporate finance solutions, from M&A advisory to corporate valuations and risk management.