An integrated approach to providing value-added financial products and services to private clients, corporate and institutional investors.

lwPartners consists of highly experienced and motivated individuals located in strategic markets in the Americas. The team has over 30 years of experience in asset management, investment banking and sales & trading. Services range from structuring fixed income and asset-backed lending to investment management and advisory. Longstanding relationships with senior corporate executives and strategic investors in the region have been instrumental in our maintaining focus on those middle market companies which have solid credit fundamentals but which are overlooked and underserved.

Asset Management capabilities arose out of client demand for short-term products geared toward helping in the economic development of the region. The LW Latin America Short Duration Fund provides investors access to a portfolio of short-term asset-backed loans to middle market companies throughout Latin America. The LW Latin America Fixed Income Opportunities Fund invests in high yielding assets in the region that the team believes offer good returns for the associated risks. Duration averages 2 years, providing the ability to achieve alpha on the shorter end of the curve in listed securities. Finally, the Venezuela-specific Castellana Fund is a vehicle to capture investment opportunities in an eventual economic recovery in Venezuela through listed equities. The latter is clearly the most event-driven of all of our funds and fits well with the origins of the founding members of lwPartners.

In addition to the family of funds, investors can receive customized portfolios through the lwPartners Separately Managed Accounts platform.

Investment banking activities have a focus on high-yield, value-added transactions for profitable and growing mid-size companies in Latin America. Transactions completed the past decades include contract-backed direct loans, promissory Notes, euro medium term notes, private placements, and public offerings of debt and equity.

Sales & Trading services cater to the needs of the affiliated companies of lwPartners and provide capital raising and distribution capabilities as well as transactional support, expertise and trading for the asset management and investment banking divisions.

lwPartners management teams are well-known in the industry for on the ground research and analysis and for providing specialized capital and investment services to a wide range of institutions and individuals, primarily in Latin America. Whether it is an investment banking transaction or an asset management strategy, we look forward to capitalizing on our core strengths to provide the best solution for our clients.

LW Investment Management (USA) LLC (LWIM USA)

LWIM USA is a Florida-registered investment adviser that provides investment advisory services to individuals, banks, investment companies and other corporations, institutions and business entities, primarily in Latin America.

LW Asesores de Inversiones (LWADI)

LWADI is an investment adviser based in Panama that focuses on high net worth individuals in Latin America.

LW Casa de Valores (LWCDV)

LWCDV is a Panama-based broker-dealer. Services include originating, structuring and distributing transactions ranging from capital markets debt issues to structured products and private placements, and M&A advisory services ranging from corporate valuations to risk management.